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Since the late 19th century Azerbaijan has witnessed rapid development of its oil industry as during that period Baku produced over...



Academician A.Kh.Mirzajanzade is one of the foremost oil scientists in the former Soviet Union and is the principal oil scientist...


Development and Operation of Offshore Oil Fields;
Oil and Gas Well Drilling;
Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage;
Reliability and Effectiveness of Offshore and On-shore Oil Equipment;
Analytical Chemistry.

Dedicated Laboratories

Gas Thermodynamic Research into Hydrocarbon Formation Systems;
Oil Physics and Thermodynamics of Critical Phenomena;
Catalysis in Oil Refining;
Protective Lubricants and Plastic Coatings Technology;
Halogen-Organic Compounds.

Links with Foreign Countries

The Institute maintains very close scientific links with numerous foreign institutions of tertiary education, scientific and...

Scientific Research Works

More than 100 Scientific Research Works.

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