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International Eastern Oil Academy, STDI “Gipromorneftegaz�, Baku State University, “ASTDIOI�, SRI “Geotechnological Problems of Oil, Gas and Chemistry� on October 12-14 in 2004will carry out the 6th International Scientific Practical Conference “KASPINEFTGASYATAG-2004� in Baku.
The purpose of a conference: attraction of the large audience of the scientists and specialists from the international scientific, industrial and academic organizations, representatives of state organs of management with the purposes of discussion of an existing position of businesses in the field of geotechnology, mathematical simulation of oil and gas prospecting and production in offshore and onshore fields, and also exchange of expertise on perfection of oil branches progressing and discussions problems of realization the solutions of the conference “KASPINEFTGASYATAG-2004�.
The subject of a conference:

The introduced materials should not be published or to be presented at other conferences. The thesis reports should be introduced from June 01 till July 01, 2004. The reports should be devoted to results of scientific achievement for last years, are referred to a solution of the wide scientific problems.
The requirements showed to the thesis and reports:

The authors of the accepted reports will be informed till July 30, 2004 on inclusion of the reports in the program of the conference.

The thesis should be sent to the following address:
Baku, 20 Azadlig avenue, ASOA, SRI “GPOG&Ch�, prof. E.E.Ramazanova.
For the complementary information we ask to address to the same address.

Contact telephones:
Bodies: (99412) 93 01 80; 93 01 14; E.E.Ramazanova
Fax: (99412) 93 43 78 R.B.Mammedzadeh