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Since the late 19th century Azerbaijan has witnessed rapid development of its oil industry as during that period Baku produced over half of the total world petroleum production.
The growing industry of Azerbaijan, primarily its oil industry, required specialists, first and foremost in the technical field. In May 1920 Baku Polytechnic Institute opened its doors to students. The Polytechnic Institute was the first tertiary education establishment in the world which began to train specialists for all the branches of the oil industry as well as the first technical tertiary education establishment in the Transcaucasus.
With the development of industrialisation of the Soviet Union, the industry of Azerbaijan developed in parallel. Besides the oil industry, other branches of industry likewise required engineers and technicians. Therefore in 1934 on the basis of the Polytechnic Institute a widely-based Industrial Institute was founded.
For many years this institution of learning, well known far beyond the borders of the Republic and recently renamed as the State Oil Academy of Azerbaijan, trained specialists for the oil, chemical and power generation industries. As a result of its high reputation its graduates are working in many countries all over the world.
The Oil Academy comprises seven main engineering faculties, two preparatory and several specialised ones. For many years the Academy has conducted important scientific and research projects of enormous significance both for science and the national economy.
Taking into account the great contribution and the potential of the oil scientists and research workers employed in the oil Academy, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan decided in 1992 to establish within the Academy the Scientific Research Institute : "Geotechnological Problems of Oil, Gas and Chemistry". The Institute provides structure, focus and administration for all the scientific and research work carried out within the various departments of the Oil Academy. At present 11 scientific research laboratories ("Dedicated Laboratories") are funktioning within the Institute and over 170 highly qualified specialists are engaged in scientific research project work. The first director of the Institute was Academician A.Kh.Mirzajanzade, and the current director is Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor Elmira Ramazanova.
The main directors of research in the Scientific Research Institute are:
  1. implementation of topical fundamental scientific research projects in the field of engineering and chemical sciences and approved directions in science;
  2. implementation of individual projects in full cycles of scientific research, trial and design, technical work and technological processes whose indicators satisfy the highest standards set in science and technology;
  3. Introduction of research and development results into the national economy and the teaching process;
  4. improvement of scientific qualifications of the scientific and teaching staff of the Academy, courses for post-graduate students in approved directions in science;
  5. attracting students, post-graduate students, employees with PhD's and MSc's, and other scientific staff to participate in the scientific and research projects as well as trial design developments undertaken in the Scientific Research Institute of the Oil and Gas Academy of Azerbaijan.
A list of Scientific Research works published and/or undertaken by the Institute is included at the end of this document.