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Links With Foreign Countries

The Institute maintains very close scientific links with numerous foreign institutions of tertiary education, scientific and research institutes, firms and companies.
In 1993 the Institute signed a protocol with The BP and Statoil Alliance on joint scientific and technical cooperation. BP and Statoil have established and have been supporting financially a Dedicated Laboratory based in the Institute: "The BP/STATOIL/IGPNGH Laboratory for Advanced Technology in Oil and Gas Production". The scientific director of this laboratory is Academician A.Kh.Mirzajanzade. Later, in March 1994, a contract was signed between BP and Statoil and the Research Institute for a study including an analysis of historical data relating to BP's Forties oilfield in the British sector of the North Sea. The aim of this work is to explore the usefulness and validity of mathematical and numerical analytical techniques developed by the Research Institute for forecasting and improving oil production and to provide recommendations to optimise oil recovery from the oil wells in the Forties Field.
On 20th December 1993, a limited private company "Baku J P Kenny" has been established. The founders and shareholders of this company are The Offshore Design Institute ("Gipromorneftegaz"), the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), the Industrial Association for the Reception, Transportation and Supply of Natural Gas (Azerigaz), the Scientific Research Institute "Geotechnological Problems of Oil, Gas and Chemistry" and the company Endak Limited. The aim of this company is implementation of design, engineering and project management work connected with the construction and repair of oil- -processing installations, pipelines, and offshore and onshore installations connected with them.
In May 1993, representatives of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, the State Oil Company, the Scientific Research Institute "Geotechnological Problems of Oil, Gas and Chemistry" and AMOCO Caspian Sea Petroleum signed a protocol on cooperation in the following areas:
  1. exchange and training of scientific workers, engineers and students;
  2. assessment and improvement of possibilities for local organisation to protect the environment when developing oil and gas resources as well as the necessary infrastructure etc.
An agreement was signed between the UNOCAL Oil Company of California and the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy represented by the Scientific Research Institute "Geotechnological Problems of Oil,Gas and Chemistry" on joint implementation of a scientific programme envisaging utilization of geological models for deciphering well logs recorded by a devise lowered on a cable. The purpose of this joint research project is the development of a group of algorithms for the identification of hydrocarbon saturation and reserve assessment on the basis of electrical logging measurements. These algorithms would be used in the Bay of Mexico and in the South Caspian region.
Finally, an agreement has been signed between the company Kentash (Turkey) and the Scientific Research Institute to purify effluent from the company's paint manufacturing facilities.